#115 EN | Best Time Blocking Advice

Have you ever tried time blocking techniques?

I will tell you something about it and where you can use it. This thing which people call Time Blocking is possible to use in Windows, Mac, Browser, Android and iOS.

You are able to try it in Google Calendar – a unique app which is available in every single device you choose, also on Linux through your browser.

Google Calendar features you should start using now

  1. The Schedule views
  2. Schedule meeting rooms
  3. Simplified appointment slots tool
  4. Let your coworkers know when you’ll be offline
  5. See more with a year view
  6. Find anything with advanced search
  7. Track time with a world clock
  8. Weather is missing (but you can bring it back)

These are some of the first tips which you can try, and it’s not enough!

This picture here which you see is the basic preview of your time blocking, and you can get the first idea from here.

My advice for you is to follow this simple thing: “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

The basic step to complete the process is just to start the task which you want. Put some time limit to finish it and there it is – this is your first time block. If you make it like the previous image – this is Google Calendar time blocking.

If you have something to do, don’t waste your day. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll do it today. Make a block of time for it, put a block with length of 4 hours or 3 hours, you’ll make it in this time block for sure. If you have to do your workout, don’t waste the whole day like I said before a few rows, just make a block of 2 hours in the morning or in the evening – you’ll be proud of it when it’s done.

Where can you find inspiration to make your best time blocking Calendar?

I will share with you some of them like Matt D’Avella, Karma Medic, Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal and the links for their great YouTube channels down below.

All of them will inspire you to be more productive in their own way. Thank you guys for sharing your time with me, follow me for more and don’t forget to subscribe!


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