#149 EN | Daily writing prompt „About my name“

Write about your first name: its meaning, significance, etymology, etc.

Hello fellas,

My name is Bozhidar – written in Bulgarian „Божидар“ and it is meaning something special for a lot of people.

The first part of my name is something like „thing of god“ – Bozhi in Bulgarian „Божи“, also it can be find in a lot of Slavic languages like this.

The second final part is a „gift“ and this maybe is one of the main reasons to be proud of this name, it is a sign and you have to use it, not just to skip it. In bulgarian gif is called „дар“ and again you can find it in another slavic languages written like this.

All the name means „gift of god“ – „Bozhidar“, „Божидар“, „Божи дар“, „Gift given by our God“ and this is all what I can say about it.

Let me research some information about it and present it to you.

  • Also my name means „gift of god to this family“

All of the things written about my name are connected to astrology, which I don’t believe in and I’ll not write nothing about it.

Hope you like it and share my great feelings ^^

Have a great day/night


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Junior Graphic Designer

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