#154 EN | About my Dream Home – Daily prompts by WordPress

The article describes a dream home that combines a flat house design, automatic gardening system, beekeeping, and herbalism practices in a big yard far away from the city. The home is ideal for those who have a passion for gardening, beekeeping, and herbalism and want to live in a modern, low-maintenance home that provides easy access to the outdoors. The article highlights the benefits of an automatic gardening system, beekeeping, and herbalism, and how they can all be integrated into a single dream home.

#150 EN | My 5 Fun-Filled Activities

List five things you do for fun. #1 I’m writing this blog Never thought for my blog as a job, as procrastinate or to earn money from. My blog is made from my passion to write on my keyboard. I love writing and it will be part of the things that make me chill moreПродължете с четенето на „#150 EN | My 5 Fun-Filled Activities“

#149 EN | Daily writing prompt „About my name“

Write about your first name: its meaning, significance, etymology, etc. Hello fellas, My name is Bozhidar – written in Bulgarian „Божидар“ and it is meaning something special for a lot of people. The first part of my name is something like „thing of god“ – Bozhi in Bulgarian „Божи“, also it can be find inПродължете с четенето на „#149 EN | Daily writing prompt „About my name““

#145 EN | 3 Proven Tips for Achieving Your Financial Goals in 2023

Personal finance is an important aspect of our lives that often gets overlooked. But by taking the time to manage our money effectively, we can set ourselves up for financial success and stability in the long term. Here are 3 personal finance tips to help you get started: By following these tips, you’ll be wellПродължете с четенето на „#145 EN | 3 Proven Tips for Achieving Your Financial Goals in 2023“